About The System

The Benefits of netLiNK™ are extraordinary!

New netLiNK MapnetLiNK™ is a revolutionary 2-way Wireless Controller and Remote Monitoring System designed specifically to control site lighting and other site electrical devices via the proprietary base station and wireless node switches.  Property Owners/Managers can dramatically reduce the electrical consumption by precisely controlling LED 0-10V Dimming and On/Off timers of individual or groups of lights/devices throughout the property without rewiring the electrical circuits!  By scheduling different groups of lights to dim or turn OFF during non-customer related hours, owners can easily reduce the site electrical energy by 50% or more.

The netLiNK™ base stations sends/receives central commands via a secure cellular connection between the cloud-based server and wireless nodes to dim and turn ON and OFF the selected lights at different time intervals. The base station then sends/receives information wirelessly to node switches throughout the property via a secure 900 MHz star network connection. It is irrelevant where the power is coming from or how many time-clocks, photocells or lighting contactors exist. With 120-480 VAC constant power at each device location, netLiNK™ can take control of the electrical system without running new circuits!

This remarkable system offers 1, 2, 3, and 4 channel wireless node switches i.e., (1 channel per fixture). Our system actually monitors the electrical current of the connected device and sends back an alert when a specific device goes into an “out-of-limits” range. Therefore, netLiNK™ can accurately determine whether a lamp or ballast has failed or if there has been a power outage. This decreases te downtime and provides critical information about the lighting system immediately, or on a schedules basis, to managers and owners.


Reduce Energy Consumption, Save Money.
  • LED Compatible with 0-10V dimming and motion sensor options.
  • Reduce energy consumption in non-peak hours.
  • Extended fixture life.
  • Central command of all site lighting for entire property portfolios.
  • Real-time alert notifications.
  • Retrofits into existing electrical systems.
  • Tenant retention with improved light levels.
  • Reduces operating costs, boosting ROI.
  • Typical ROI is less than 18 months.
  • Qualifies for utility rebates.



Smart, Continuous, Control.
  • Connect to Portal from anywhere.
  • Photocell override for inclement weather.
  • 24/7 x 365 support via internet, E-mail, or phone.
  • Individual fixture or multi zone / group control.
  • Historical data and energy consumption reports.
  • Continuous System Monitoring (CSM).
  • 2-Way communication with base stations to individual nodes.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Our secure web based platform is fully accessible from any internet enabled device. Customers with multiple properties can fully access all of their netLiNK systems with on secure login credential.  The platform allows you to see:

Secure Web Based Platform

Our web based platform allows you to see:
  • Lighting summaries.
  • OTA Controls.
  • Pole conditions, currents, and maps.
  • Savings charts.
  • Scheduling calendar.
  • Your site’s vitals.
  • All property sites map.



  • FCC Part 15
  • cETLus
  • IDA Approved



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