Qualified ROI's

Extend Fixture Life

Energy Savings of up to 50%

Utility Rebates

The Benefits of netLiNK™ are extraordinary!

netLiNK Controls™ invented the first true 2-way Wireless Control and Remote Monitoring System designed specifically to control switchable devices such as individual or groups of interior and exterior lighting fixtures, sports field lighting, pylon signs, fountains, irrigation systems, audio systems as well as several other devices!

netLiNK's 2-way wireless nodes will actually monitor the individual connected load, and send you a report of the specific lamp or ballast failure via (SMS) text, email message, or weekly reports. Within minutes, you can know the exact location of the pole, and lamp or ballast outage!

Applications include: Shopping Centers, Auto Dealers, Municipalities, Sports Complexes, Resorts, Theme Parks and more!

This unique wireless controls system allows you to take control of any electrical device, even rotate between the four lights on a single pole. All of this is done with a single base station controlling up to 500 nodes, with each node being able to control up to four fixtures, thus giving you control of 2000+ lighting fixtures or suitable devices. netLiNK™ allows you to control your site from anywhere with an internet connection. This is the only system that will notify you of specific outages and let you know if it is a lamp or ballast. By precisely controlling when the lights turn on and off, and choosing your own lighting schedule you: increase lamp life, reduce energy consumption, and reduce maintenance costs without running any new electrical circuits!